Phooka — Gunshot [CNC066]

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Artist: Phooka
Title: Toward Collision
Label: Concrete Records
Catalogue: CNC066
Format: Digital
Genre: Electronic
Style: #Techno
Release date:

01. Phooka – Gunshot
02. Phooka – Isandlwana
03. Phooka – The Fall

Toward Collision is a 3 tracks EP inspired by the fall of our sureness and comfort zones. As we go on, and grow, we fund our comfort zone, but more confortable our zone is and more likely will be our collision. Phooka use the metaphor of the battle of Isandlwana to describe how our ideas of growth, our expansion and our apparently streght can be easly and suddenly stopped by destiny and the law of the nature. All the tracks are animated by dark atmosphere and violent rythm, some electro snares and breakbeat grooves compressed and squeezed by light distortion and obsessive pads, that are an attempet to describe how our life flow into the road where collision being.

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