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It is great to be back with another edition of the Drone Podcast. First off, we would like to thank Chris Koegler for his great piece of music he delivered. Make sure to check his set incase you have missed it. You can find all the links on our website and Facebookpage.

Amsterdam, hometown of our next Minded Hero. This Hero is one the founders of the event called Eerste Communie (stands for: First Communion). Together with his partner in crime ‘Skar’ they have organized a number of great events in and around our beloved city Amsterdam. One of those well known party’s were held on very special location. As a partygoer your were dancing your feet of on a boat. Floating around in a intimate setting with some proper Techno. In collaboration with”Strak’they brought ‘Nachtvaren’ to live with succes and immediatly made name for themselves. They had some great names on the roster like: Drumcell, Bram Fidder, YYYY, Alfredo Mazzilli, Saam, and offcourse Skar, to name a few.

Our next Techno Minded Hero played in the a lot of Amsterdam’s known clubs like: ClubNL, Panama, Sugarfactory, Westergasterras and many more. We are pretty sure that we will be hearing more from this talented hero.

And we are glad to have him on the show.

For this weeks podcast he granted us a mix that takes well over an hour of rolling minimalistic deep sounds, percussions and pumping kicks.

Now in the mix for the Drone Podcast No. 103: MARRON.

Track List
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The name MARRON comes from the Maroons of Surinam. These were just arrived slaves in Surinam who resisted to be marked as a slave, and escaped into the jungle to live as free people. Until this day the Maroons are still living in Surinam and are very much respected and known as people with a strong character. This is what MARRON is all about, the rolling minimalistic deep sounds, jungle percussions and direct kicks at high tempo, are there to notice and should be recognizable with a strong character as well.


→ @marron-official

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