Liz Torres – Touch Of Love (house 1989)

YouTube video

(c) copyright recordings 1989 Black Market Records US

Early and one of the most succesfull tracks from ‘the first queen of (deep) house’ Liz Torres. The track was first released in 1988, but later signed by Jive Records and re-released worldwide in 1989. A lot of people thought the track was ment as an ode to the drug XTC (the love-drug).

Liz Torres was the underground superstar of the upcoming new sound from New York in the late eighties. She gave legendary performances at clubs like The Paradise Garage Club, The Warehouse and The Sound Factory. The US clubs where it all began for house.

Deep House is and always was New York based. Liz Torres was the most succesfull deep house artist in the first years, selling over 2 million records worldwide.

(homemade clip, there’s no real one for this)

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