Laroze – Salted Gaspacho

Don’t Make Me Over EP
Label – Slow Bistro Records
Released – 31st May 2021
Format – Vinyl & Digital

Laroze is back with his 7th EP “Don’t Make Me Over”, on the Parisian label Slow Bistro records. 4 tracks fitted for the clubs, that prove once again his ability to produce and melt Detroit-influenced house, the 303, the French Touch’s filters and whale songs in the same time.
Laroze’s words : “This EP is close to my heart, as it gathers a lot of my influences. The tracks explore different styles I love (disco, acid, deep house,…) and are a great overview of my electronic music taste. The artwork is made of analog photographs I did during a road trip in Morocco. The EP is named in reference to Dionne Warwick’s track that I love so much. I’m glad I was able to build a very personal EP with Slow-L’s help, who enabled me to release a record I’m proud of.”

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