Burial Mix ● Lossless from Vinyl

A mix consisting of Burial tracks. Most of the tracks are recorded from Vinyl. You can find the tracklist with timestamps below in the description. All tracks were captured in a lossless format. Please read the entire description before commenting about lossless on YouTube.

I’m well aware that YouTube does not offer a lossless streaming option. That’s why you should download the FLAC if you prefer the best quality. I picked the name of the mix before I had accounts on streaming services. I don’t want to loose the ability for people to find it using its original name.

If the video doesn’t play on your (mobile) device this is due to YouTube’s copyright system blocking playback.


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00:00m || Borealis – Not Of This Reality (Kitkaliitto Remix) (Re-Edit)
00:00:19s || Burial – Gutted (Re-Edit)
03:26m || Burial – Near Dark
00:07m || Burial – Ghost Hardware (Re-Edit)
09:25m || Burial – Homeless
11:27m || Burial – Loner (Re-Edit)
14:27m || Burial – Truant (Re-Edit)
18:55m || Bloc Party – Where is Home (Burial Remix)
21:12m || Burial – Fostercare
25:19m || Burial – Unite
29:56m || Burial – Rough Sleeper (Re-Edit)
35:30m || Burial & Four Tet – Moth (Re-Edit)
38:33m || Burial – Distant Lights
41:45m || Jamie Woon – Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Remix)
46:20m || Burial – Ashtray Wasp
49:00m || Burial – Exit Woundz
52:42m || Burial & Four Tet – Nova (Re-Edit)

** (Re-Edit): Tracks rearranged and edited for this mix.

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Autor: Patrik

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