Soultronic – My Love

V.A. – Patiently Waiting
Label – Mostly Cozy
Released – 26th February 2021

during a time where there is so much good music that is being made but only a handful gets released and even less being played since there’s hardly any DJ scene to speak of — therefore we have officially launched a sub label to Honey Butter Records, releasing whatever we want, whenever we want, from whomever we want.

the first release is a huge various artists called ‚Patiently Waiting‘ consists of 20 tracks from names like Justin Jay, Saine, Carlo, DJ Psychiatre, Ari Bald, Cassettes For Kids, Sable Blanc, Donny Rotten, Mathew Ferness and Sune to name a very few.

all proceeds will be donated to charity. 🌙

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Autor: Patrik

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