S​.​P​.​T. – Safety [PH001]


S.P.T. – SILICA – PH01 – 12″

S​.​P​.​T. – Silica

S​.​P​.​T. – Safety
S​.​P​.​T. – Silica
S​.​P​.​T. – Silica (Regis Remix)
S​.​P​.​T. – Diprivan

Artist: S​.​P​.​T.
Label: Post Hoc
Release Date: 03-05-2021

Silica‘ marks the first release of Berlin label Post Hoc, presenting a 4 track debut EP by S.P.T, including a remix by Karl O’Connor aka Regis.

Vocals on ‚Diprivan‘ by Lea Maria Fries

Distributed by Ready Made Distribution

Mastered by Alain Paul

Artwork by Tiziano Belli

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