Radikal Kuss – Ignorance Is A Crime [BRR005]

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Artist: Radikal Kuss
Title: Crack Their Law EP
Label: Barro
Catalogue: BRR005
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Style: | #EBM | Industrial | Electro
Release date: October 15, 2021
Distribution: Melting Pot Records

Mastered By Alberto Pascual

A1: War
A2: The Priest, The Boy & The Holy Spirit
B1: Vereinsamt
B2: Ausser Kontrole
B3: Ignorance Is A Crime

Frenetic Electro. Strong techno. Overwhelming EBM.

Radikal Kuss joins BARRO Music Label, and they offer us BARRO # 005, a 5-track EP, available in both physical (vinyl) and digital format. The EP is a complete bomb, from WAR, the destructive kicks off the track, to IGNORANCE IS A CRIME, the closing track, with sensual rhythms and suggestive vocals.

Radikal Kuss is an enigmatic Belgian Techno Body Music duo hidden behind an idea: shake minds and bodies with their techno body concept. Poetic lyrics, erotic tension, powerful rhythm, dirty bass, and sharped synths.

With this release in BARRO Music Label, they reaffirm their commitment. Synthesized voices, with a deep message, winding dance, frenetic rhythms, like hypnosis introduced to your body through your ears and shakes it with no mercy or concessions.

Their sound is a perfect match for the Madrid-based label and his 5th release, with previous references of artists such as Esplendor Geométrico, Amato, or Years of Denial, consolidating itself as a benchmark label in EBM, Electro, Techno or Industrial in Spain. The above references have been supported by artists such as Dave Clarke, Phase Fatale, The Hacker, Lokier, NX1, Unhuman, Alienata, Reka, and many more.

Punk spirit. Taste of freedom. Unfiltered intensity.

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