Premiere: ORBE – Verdrängung [Axis Records]

YouTube video

Artist: ORBE
Title: ‘Verdrängung’
Label: Axis Records
Cat. #: ASD055
Format: Digital
Release: 4th February, 2022
Pre order:

Sounds From NoWhere is pleased to premiere a new ORBE’ gem on ‘Axis’.
A decadent world with a society where all the information we get is being manipulated.
Mass surveillance is practised, and where the language is transformed for repressive purposes.
It is an unreal world but not very far away.
I got inspired while reading George Orwell’s “1984”.
I have captured human feelings within this world in each track … sadness, fear, hope, slavery …
The interpretation of „1984“ includes 8songs.
Each represents a situation within the fictional world.


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