Oliver Dollar & Nils Ohrmann – John’s Church (Cassius XXL Remix)

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Following his stellar Classic Music Company debut, Oliver Dollar now releases ‘John’s Church’, one of the standout tracks from the ‘Another Day Another Dollar’, in the form of two brand new remixes. Produced in collaboration with esteemed German producer Nils Ohrmann, the original track was a steamy, hard-hitting and gospel tinged house track destined for the dancefloor. Opening this release is production maestro Mousse T., who works his magic on the track with his funk-drenched Disco Shizzle Remix, loaded with a pumping bassline and his signature charismatic style. Up next, French duo and underground heavyweights Cassius deliver a deep, adrenaline fuelled cut for those peak-of-the-night moments. As would be expected from these two legendary producers, this release is a masterclass in soulful dancefloor dynamite, no matter which mix you listen to.

Autor: Patrik

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