Mr Doris & D-Funk – Dance With Somebody (The Owl Slo Mo Remix)

Dance With Somebody EP
Label – Slightly Transformed
Released – 13th August 2021

Iberican native Mr Doris teams up once more with occasional partner-in-crime D-Funk, AKA Sydney-based Brit Doug Masters. With a robot-voiced spoken intro giving way to huge keyboard vamps and an in-your-face, looped/chanted „you got the right to dance with somebody“ vocal, ‚Dance With Somebody‘ is a surefire attention-getter and as such probably best reserved for peaktime play, while The Owl supplies two fairly self-explanatory Nu Disco and Slo Mo remixes. The latter will slot nicely into chilled/Balearic sets, but you can’t beat the Original for sheer infectious danceability. Some rather lovely lil‘ jazzy keyboard licks in there, too.

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Autor: Patrik

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