Ichizo – Vale Zero [OOM002]


Various Artists – Endorse

Cari Lekebusch – Endorse
Ichizo – Vale Zero
Jeroen Search – Oscuros
CRAVO – Jaca

Artist: Ichizo
Label: OOM Records
Release Date: 26-04-2021

What’s the best way to embrace the 90’s? By actually releasing a track produced in 1998. That’s the year Cari Lekebusch released this track on his label H-Productions. With a remastered version this timeless piece leads the EP. Stomping beats, saturated filtered stabs and an energetic groove are the top ingredients cooked by the master himself. Ichizo is 2nd on the VA. With Vale Zero he produces a fast paced groove that is ready for any dance floor. A tireless sequence is leading the way, supported by heavy kicks and 4×4 claps. On the flipside we’ll find another master from the past. Jeroen Search dived into his archives to find this stunner track Oscuros, produced in the 90’s as well. Hear it to believe it. CRAVO closed the VA with an outstanding percussion and loopy based ode to the 90’s.

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