Hioll – Juicio Finale [BST003]

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Artist: Hioll
Title: Velvet Revolution LP
Label: Abstraction
Catalogue: BST003
Format: Digital
Style: # #IndustrialTechno
Release date: October 4th

Mastered by Julio C. Machado
Design by E. Fonseca

01. The first lie
02. La désolation
03. Autocratism
04. Cuito Cuanavale
05. What privileges?
06. The process
07. State of exception
08. Anarkhia
09. Juicio finale
10. End of the trip

Hioll returns to the label with a release of ten original tracks.

“Velvet Revolution LP” is a Techno album purely intended to be used in DJ sets at clubs and raves. Denotes an industrial sound but at the same time drinks from other sources of influence. Taking the groove as a flag and adding adjacent elements, the narrative of these cuts makes them intertwine with each other, leading us on a sonic journey similar to a session at any venue. It should also be noted that, like other Hioll works, it aims to send a message of reflection and accurate criticism towards this contemporary era.

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