HDSN – Disco 2 Disco

Break Ups 2 Make Ups EP
Label – NBAST
Released – 19th February 2021
Format – Vinyl

In 2020 we haven´t been dancing, we haven´t been clubbing neither have we been to festivals – it drove us all crazy. The pandemic has burned out dancefloors without a break but we at NBAST, we’re still moving. After all, we are all still here – intact – because we are so passionate about this music, just like you and so we wanna share new bits of our eleventh record with you soul sisters and brothers. For HDSN it was a turbulent year – career on hold, empty tour schedule, delayed releases and the break up of his long-term relationship kept our man testing to the bones. It´s nothing new that heartache has been one of the strongest inspirations for making music and so it turns out that all the drama around 2020 didn´t stop the young talent from making moves. Au contraire it has been a very driving force for the up and coming artist to craft new soul food for the people. “Break Ups To Make Ups” is a major statement! It´s moving and inspiring, as well as energetic and forceful; a record whose vibrations stun the spirit and lift the listener capturing the true essence what soulful dance floor music is about. HDSN continues to embrace disco and house pairing it with vintage sounds retaining his beautiful, raw and dancefloor friendly production signature. NBASTWAX011 has the power to make you move and, above all, the magic to make you feel much longer. #datsoulthang

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