Giselh – Rebirth Process LP [SKRPT067]

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Artist: Giselh
Title: Rebirth Process LP
Label: skryptom records
Catalogue: SKRPT067
Format: CD + Digital
Style: #
Release date: April 8, 2022

00:00 – 1 – Sirius
03:19 – 2 – However
09:01 – 3 – Stucked On The Bronx
15:39 – 4 – Painless
22:17 – 5 – Islanders Pulse
25:34 – 6 – Mirfak
31:52 – 7 – Prohibus Tools
37:26 – 8 – Red Cloud
43:55 – 9 – Southern Chords
49:53 – 10 – Rebirth Process
55:25 – 11 – Polyphonic Murder
01:00:25 – 12 – Raised Mirror

Following two EPs on the label, ‘Green Landscape’ in 2020 and ‘Under The Skin’ last December, Giselh steps up to present his debut LP ‘Rebirth Process’.

The album is the fruit of two long years of forced locked down and Giselh’s great attention to details. Being based in Geneva, he took inspiration from his surrounding landscape. He felt the need to start anew and did some field recordings to give unexpected textures to his productions with the use of samples and analog gear.

Injecting emotions in all of his tracks, Giselh showcases his various influences, from the lush electronica of ‘Sirius’ or ‘Islanders Pulse’, to the banging ‘Stucked On The Bronx’ or ‘Southern Chords’.

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