Farron – Hands Of The Tall [VOI025]

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Farron – Venice Pavilion

Farron – Bratanic Surfers
Farron – T9CE
Farron – Hollywood X High
Farron – Hands Of The Tall
Farron – In QSub

Artist: Farron
Label: Voitax
Release Date: 19-04-2021

Snippets: soundcloud.com/voitax/sets/voi-025-farron-venice-pavilion-snippets

Marking Voitax’s 25th release »Venice Pavillion«, Farron delivers a beautiful blend of electronics that straddle the lines between , IDM, electro, and . The A-Side kicks off with rough breaks, moody Reese basses, and fast footwork rhythms that crown the EP with its very own sparkling character – modern jungle topped with dystopian pads and pressing basslines are perfectly melted into the break-fuelled ride.

The flip side doesn’t cool things down – fluid drum patterns and hammering toms are continually chased by dramatic synths, with a constant weight brought to the table by the chunky low ends. The energy is maintained throughout, as jungle and electro live side by side in harmony in the track list before the release is brought to an emotional halt with a classy ambient piece.

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