Deepicnic Podcast 409 – Ragesh Nair ????Techno

The guest in this episode is Ragesh Nair, an important figure in the underground scene of Zurich, Switzerland. Ragesh Nair’s music and way of playing are dark, mechanical and forward-looking – always pushing boundaries and redefining himself again and again.

With a strong musical background in classical music, he started his DJ career in the Swiss drumandbass community. In 2010 he gradually moved his focus onto Techno and started throwing underground raves in the city of Zurich. During the last years, his musical passion has taken him to different well-respected venues in and around Zurich, like Hive and Ambossrampe. He is also a founding member and driving force behind the infamous VOID series of secret raves.

More about Ragesh Nair:

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