Deepicnic Podcast 402 – Hod ????Techno

The guest in this episode is a Medellín based artist, Hod. It all begins by attending clandestine and club events in which a particular interest in contemporary sound arises, specifically within music through , environmental and experimental sounds.

Hod presents a sound proposal with marked rhythmic bases and enveloping harmonic structures related to the duality present in the aspects of life, with polarity and energy balance seeking to modify collective behaviour patterns, leading the listener to immerse themselves in different soundscapes, vibrations and states of consciousness focused on creating a positive energetic impact in the universe, a mental and corporal stimulus based on the surrealist interpretation of the states of mind with a focus from the artist’s own perception and from his spiritual experiences in which the need through sound to connect with people who live immersed in the daily dynamics of big cities to take them to an escape from the dense daily reality.

He has released music on labels such as Aarden Records, Diffuse Reality, Concepto Hipnotico, Default series, Simplecoding, Inherencia, Secuencias Temporales, Airsound records, Monofonicos and others.

More about Hod:

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