Deepicnic Podcast 401- Xhato ????Techno

The guest in this episode is Xhato, a vinyl only DJ and producer based in Berlin. The type of he plays and makes can be described as minimalistic, trippy and dance floor friendly.

Xhato’s sound is constantly evolving. Fresh ideas and interesting sonic design of the tracks that he selects make his nuanced and detail oriented sets truly stand out.

Llyr – Refuge Of Majesty [Mesh]
Claudio PRC – Tonal [Delsin]

Deluka – Echoes [No Signal]
Kaiser – I See The Blue Lights [Attic]
Cirkle – Under Their Eyes [Voltage]
Müzmin – Trenches [Planet Rhythm]
Xhato – (Dubplate, Unreleased)
Viels – Clock Divider [Non Series White]
Shekon – Ars Lonva Vita Brevis [Binary Cells]
Pfirter – Birth [Odd Even]
ORBE – Posthuman Being [Token]
Emil Baghino – Crimea [The Third Room]
Sad Girl – Pain Vs. Laughter [Lines]

More about Isabel Xhato:

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