Deepicnic Podcast 399 – Odd Hills ????Techno

The guest in this episode is Odd Hills, a Lithuanian born, London based DJ, co-founder of Temple.Recordings and event series Temple.Invites. He also manages podcasts series called Temple.Prayer.

His love for music began from a young age, but it wasn’t until he emigrated to the UK that he identified his true sound and style. Incorporating hypnotic, dark and melodic elements with experimental sounds, his unique style truly takes listeners on a mesmerising journey. His hard work and dedication to the scene has led him to play across a range of clubs in London, as well as in Glasgow and Vilnius.

The lack of physical events across the past few years has led to increased focus on the Temple.Prayer podcast series, which features a broad spectrum of techno styles, allowing up and coming DJs a chance to showcase their work, alongside international heavy-hitters.

More about Odd Hills:

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