Deepicnic Podcast 394 – Elias The Prophet ????Techno

The guest in this episode is a Madrid based artist, Elias The Prophet. He has a long experience at decks, specialized in strong and hypnotic dark , with some acid and melodic personal touch.

Elias is a vinyl lover, with a great musical selection and big technique on 3 decks sets. He has played at the best clubs in Madrid and Spain sharing the stage with some of the best artists in the world.

His productions are full of strength, dark and feeling sounds for the dancefloor. Owner of the label Prophecy, released on 12″ vinyl and digital formats, he has also released on labels like Broken Mind, Selected Records, Devotion Records, Acid Worx, Combine Audio or DID Records and he has made remixes to great artists.

Regis – Slave To The Inevitable [Downwards]
Sound Synthesis – Planet Hope [Distant Worlds]
Fhase 87 – Raum [Lemegeton]
Desroi – Vessel [Voltage]
YYYY – Conquer Us [Injected Poison]
Volster – Without A Fight I Am Nothing (Setaoc Mass remix) [Secession]
Hector Mad – Detroit Shuttle [Matterwave]
Troy – Yōkai [Key Vinyl]
Mode_1 – Reflect [Knotweed]
Kwartz – Reinforced Control [Trauma]
DA/FR – Charlotte Pipe [Matterwave]
Exium – Atheris [PoleGroup]
Troy – Redshift [Klockworks]
Dj Boss – Depka Old [Overstep]
Mode_1 – Escape [Knotweed]
Maxx Rossi – Technophobe [Polymeric]
Insolate – Shiftin’ Power [Out Of Place]
Volster – The Wolf [Secession]
Fhase 87 – Orobas [Lemegeton]
Surgeon – Bad Hands Break [Counterbalance]
Rove Ranger – Ferni [Knotweed]
Force Reaction – Definition 4 [KSR]
Joton – Quarantine [Newrhythmic]
Tensal – JA1 [Tensal]
Elias The Prophet – Catastrophe [Prophecy]
Mind Machines – Vertigo [Sigma5]
Lowkey & Kardinal – Jet Lag [Goog]
Vandross – Hurt Me, I’m Waiting [Sandwell District]
Winx – Don’t Laugh (Live Raw mix) [Sorted]
Dj Misjah – Untitled [Mankind]
Habgud – Faintest Flicker [Prophecy]
James Ruskin – After Dark [Blueprint]
Force Reaction – Definition 1 [KSR]
Orlando Voorn (Fix) – Flash [International Deejay Gigolo]

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