Deepicnic Podcast 391 – Fernie 🎵Techno

The guest in this episode is a Glasgow based artist, Fernie. He has been immersing himself in the local scene since 2002 taking influences from the city’s many techno stalwarts.

Developing his sound over the years he provides both deep and driving hypnotic sets full of energy and soaring pads. This same ethos is relayed through his own productions which have seen release across a wide selection of respected labels. He has provided mixes for brands such as Intimate Silence, Prior Act and Cellar Door all of which have been well received and have aided his exposure further within the hypnotic techno scene.

Most recently he continues to develop his own Space Textures imprint which is growing in stature and works with Norwegian based Monument to facilitate podcasting and streaming of techno artists from around the globe.

More about Fernie:

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