Deepicnic Podcast 339 – Dying 🎵Techno

In this episode our guest is Rodrigo Agüero aka Dying, a DJ and Producer born in Argentina.

In 2008 he began to introduce himself as a DJ in the underground circuit of Buenos Aires and his career has transcended internationally presenting himself in clubs like Tresor, Der Stur, Studio 21, Kulturzentrum Faust, Cocoliche, Under Club, Bahrain, Niceto Club, Avant Garten, King Club, Osa Club. He also shared events with artists like Dj Surgeles, Tadeo, Benjamin Damage, Philippe Petit, Christian Wunsch, Jonas Kopp, Andres Zacco, Seph among others.

In 2012, he began to publish his collaborations in digital format on labels such as Fanzine Records, Paranoid Dancer, Pragmat Records, Subself Records, Reaktivate Records and PAR Recordings.
At the same time, along with his partner Barakat, they released their first reference on vinyl titled „Conviccion“ on the French label CLFT with remixes by Mattias Fridell, MTD and Jeroen Search.

After a couple of years, in 2016, the duo gets their second reference on vinyl, entitled „Modernismo“ with the collaboration of Bleak on the French label Knotweed Records.

As the result of hard work and dedication, in 2018, the duo published their third reference in vinyl titled „El Sueño de una Teoria“, obtaining the support of great artists of the global scene.

This allowed the project „Dying &Barakat“ to undertake its first duo tour in Europe, which would lead them to present their LIVE set at the legendary club Tresor in Berlin.

In 2019 they publish their fourth vinyl release titled „Exploracion Desconocida“ on Axaminer Records label in from Czech Republic.

Actually he is currently working on „Ciudad Incognita“, a new album that will be released on Knotweed Records and its official release will be in early 2021.

His constant progress in experimentation and musical production influenced by the sound of Chicago and Detroit has led him to develop a particular visión with a futuristic perspective in electronic music, his productions explore Ambient, Deep and Techno exclusively.

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