Cera Khin – Do You Believe In Evil [LZYTPS06]

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Artist: Cera Khin
Title: Demons To Some Angels To Others EP
Label: Lazy Tapes
Catalogue: LZYTPS06
Format: Vinyl 12” & Digital
Style: #
Release date: 27th August 2021

A1 / 1. No Escape
A2 / 2. Do You Believe in Evil?
B1 / 3. Full Belly
B2 / 4. Demons To Some Angels To Others

Cera Khin takes a step forward with the release of her debut production “Demons To Some Angels To Others” on her label LazyTapes, which takes its title from the cult horror “Hellraiser”. Developed throughout last year, “Demons To Some Angels To Others” is a play on euphoric and horror aesthetics. The positive and negative coincide into one. Taking a club-oriented approach while
keeping a distinctly bold atmospheric tone throughout.

The listener is greeted with the ambiguously titled “No Escape”, a breathy roller containing bespoke snippets of background noises from unknown horror archives, tied together with huge pummeling
kickdrums that has been a staple in her dj sets. Next is “Do You Believe In Evil” characterised by its powerful take on doomcore riffs and ominous bells almost guaranteeing dancefloor destruction. “Full
Belly” is a fast paced, twisted take on psytrance with claustrophobic razorlike synths piercing through the mix. Finally we have the closer “Demons To Some Angels To Others” which also serves as the
title track of the EP. Alarm bells are ringing, glass is breaking, attention is demanded but most of all the lines between opposite forces are shown to be interconnected.

With the tracks combined, it serves as a modern techno soundtrack pointing to the current collapse of consensus reality. On “Demons To Some Angels To Others” a perceptual tension between opposite
moods is created which aims to form an indivisible whole. Above all, Cera Khin plays with duality which appeals to various forces all across the dance music world.

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