Bimol – Ninulanc [KNTR0002]

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Artist: Bimol
Title: Ninulanc
Label: Kontra
Catalogue: KNTR0002
Format: Digital
Style: #
Release date: September 19, 2021

Mastering: MLK Studios
Mix: Theo Jahleon – Panoramica Soundworks
Artwork: Pluswaldos

1. Bimol & Jauri – Agallas
2. Fragmento en La
3. Ninulanc
4. Bimol & Confidential Recipe – Try to be here
5. Bimol – Canto de la libelula

“The time has come
The time to scream what we feel
We are nobody’s fools”.

The time has come for NINULANC, the latest EP from the Colombian duo Bimol.

In the Kogüi cosmogony NINULANC symbolizes one of the nine planes of the universe. The Bimol NINULANC is a return to the roots. An homage to that magnanimous sound of the that is strengthened this time by the wind of the “gaita” of Paito, a member of Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto and who has contributed a dash of that Caribbean minstrel magic in this work, Confidential Recipe and Jauri come in to contribute their sonic beats for revolutionary music lovers.

In the words of BIMOL themselves, NINULANC is an instinctive musical response to the social situation that Colombia is going through.

The NINULANC dimension opens with AGALLAS the combination between Bimol and Jauri brings the percussion and falling drops that the rivers claim, ode to the spiritual world of these artists. FRAGMENTO EN LA is a shamanic of impulsive beats that contrast with a melancholic sound and powerful lyrics. The next stop is NINULANC, a hypnotic journey that celebrates the techno sound orchestrated by soft vocals tangled between Paito’s gaita. TRY TO BE HERE, the collaboration between Bimol and Confidential Recipe, powerful and magnetic rhythms. A track designed for the dancefloor, orchestrated with vocals that invite energetic dance inspired by the raw sounds of classic techno, CANTO DE LA LIBELULA, an eccentric breakbeat poem. Atmospheric sound of consistent vowels that evoke the rite of dance and communion with the roots.

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