Arthur Robert – Traveller [K-I012]

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Artist: Arthur Robert, Deano
Title: Split 3.0
Label: Knowledge Imprint
Genre: #
Release Date: 5/12/2022

The 12th release on Knowledge Imprint sees another addition to its Split EP series. This time Deano invites fast-rising Berlin-based artist Arthur Robert to contribute two tracks in his signature style. As a mainstay on Len Faki’s Figure, Arthur is a truly remarkable producer with a firm vision and a refined ear for functional yet soulful music.

Starting off stripped and minimalistic, Arthur Robert’s ‘Traveller’ delicately develops into a rhythmic powerhouse grounded on a warm, rolling low-end and a sequenced synth pattern. With a repetitive foundation, it’s the percussion and glitchy synth effects that excite the ear with intermittent moments of chaos. This combination gives the track a perfect balance between composure and intensity. ‘Wither’ is characteristically similar with a grooving low-end, cinematic high frequency modulations and IDM-like effects. However, the arrangement here is further simplified making it the perfect loopy tool that is far from being bland or generic.

On the B-Side, Deano slows things down a notch but picks up more on the trippy, spacey textures set by Arthur on the A-Side. ‘Brainwave I’ employs cosmic bleeps tones and classic drum sounds with orchestral synth stabs to create a haunting, cinematic techno arrangement, while ‘Brainwave II’ keeps within the sci-fi theme but packs some extra energy with a galloping bassline, running hi-hats and tight, dance-floor ready rhythms.

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