Anabel Arroyo – Wrong Postcode (Myka Remix) [LBRNM06]

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Artist: Anabel Arroyo
Title: Lead Me Out
Label: LABURNŪM Records
Catalogue: LBRNM06
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Style: #
Release date: October 30, 2021

A1. Anabel Arroyo – Lead Me Out
A2. Anabel Arroyo – Wrong Postcode
B1. Anabel Arroyo – Lead Me Out (Cassie Raptor Remix)
B2. Anabel Arroyo – Wrong Postcode (Myka Remix)

Hailing from Spain, London producer Anabel Arroyo returns on LABURNŪM for an EP full of Energy. Intricate synths, sharp hats and claps create a bouncy and EBM-infused well-rounded release.

Our first remixer is Paris up-and-coming artist Cassie Raptor. Cassie supplies her trademark hard-as-nails sound to the remix Side, whereas LABURNŪM-regular Myka added vocals to his contribution to create a killer version of Wrong Postcode.

Have you ever been entranced by something that poses an imminent danger to you? Well Anabel Arroyo’s latest EP is the sonification of an angler fish’s beaming torch luring a defenseless clownfish to its imminent demise. Hailing from Spain, but making a name for herself in London, Anabel Arroyo’s ‘Lead Me out EP’ is built around three key principles; hypnotic groove, unnerving atmosphere and relentless auditory assault. Both tracks ‘Lead Me Out’ and ‘Wrong Postcode’ put the listener into a bewitched like state where the music is your master, rooting you to the dancefloor.

On remix duty for the EP’s Spearheading track is Cassie Raptor. Cassie’s remix of

‘Lead Me Out’ lives up the ferocity that we know and respect the raptor for. Razor like hats slice through the mix whilst thundering kick drums quake through the soundscape, a sound which earnt Cassie Raptor her Possession Residency.

The second remix is from another French Producer Myka. Myka is also known for his hard dance dj sets but throws an interesting spin on Anabel Arroyo’s ‘Wrong Postcode’.

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