Sven Väth | Stay Positive Mix (2020) Recorded @ Ekho Club, Madrid/March 6th.

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My dear friends,
In our lifetimes we have never experienced anything like this global pandemic. There are difficult days and months ahead. At these times we hold our family and friends close and we think about safety and protection.

I tell you of course that my World Tour is cancelled for now, along with so many events, but please let me add some more thoughts.

I always wanted Cocoon to be like a family where you feel invited and never alone. After so many years on the road you are my extended family. It is a two way street our relationship.

There are no immunities here, no boundaries, no VIP areas.

This virus is going to hit our scene very very hard and and we must hope that the drastic damage that is already occurring we will be able to repair in the future.

There is no point in finding a guilty person now, it is time to be there for one another.

I am always an optimist. I hope we will overcome this crisis in the near future and, you know what I am going to say, be reunited on the dance floor soon.

Now we have to go inside and hopefully be with loved ones and be sensible and patient. This is not the time to take chances.

I hope that the people with power will be clever, can decelerate this process and buy us more time but I have to say that everything is very difficult to understand.

I wish all of you my best in these ever changing times, please take all the precautions and take care of yourselves and your loved ones. We are in this together. Love ❤

Cocoon Website:

01. Ross From Friends – High Energy
02. Mr. G – Late Nite @ Montecello
03. La Fleur – Hunting Grounds
04. Super Flu – Lord Extra
05. Fort Romeau – Kontra Punkte
06. Adana Twins – Origo
07. Phil Kieran – Scream
08. Josh Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness (Adana Twins Remix One)
09. Marc Romboy – Stalker
10. Schatrax – Dizzy
11. Syndicate – Jam The Mace (Jerome Sydenham’s Tekno Rendition)
12. Avision – Liquid Gold
13. Alec Troniq – Repeople
14. Bawrut – Pronto Arpeggio
15. Rude 66 – The 1000 Year Storm

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