Nørbak – Genese [WU66LP]


Nørbak – Flesh To Ashes

Nørbak – Intro
Nørbak – Genese
Nørbak – Deductible Ethic
Nørbak – Collective Disbelief
Nørbak – Rune Value
Nørbak – Flesh To Ashes
Nørbak – Interference Of Authority
Nørbak – Land Of Sin
Nørbak – The Third Morality
Nørbak – Camera

Artist: Nørbak
Label: Warm Up Recordings
Release Date: 29-01-2021

The portuguese scfi maker Nørbak is back home after his Faktor EP from January 2019. These non clubbing days look like the perfect scenario for listening to long distance works, so here you have this brand new album to enjoy at your private soundsystem.

Flesh to Ashes will be released both physically and digitally, with an extra track on the downloadable version.

Nørbak is well known for his precision and deepness, always pushing forward production wise, focusing on the details and sound design aspects.

The album gravitates between beatless cuts, broken beats, profound exercises and virtual dancefloor weapons.

Intro and Camera (the extra digital track) belong to the first category, The third morality is the broken cut, Flesh to ashes and Land of sin explore the deepest side of techno and the rest of the tracklist is about peak time tracks.

The overall feeling while listening to this album is travelling out there where no gravity is the mood, swinging among stars and constellations, landing on undiscovered planets … a landscape with no viruses or facemasks or repression.

A collection of attemporal tracks that will surely pass the test of time and be ready to be playable whenever this nightmare ends.

Autor: Patrik

Pár slov a tečka.

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