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WE WILL MAKE ACID GREAT AGAIN! With this slogan me and Ben(Katarakt) kick off our official Radioshow. ENJOY!

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The Fog (Junk Project Remix) – Miss Djax
Lost Gravity – Marco Bailey
Phantom Limb – Cleric
Acidrama – Dast (Italy)
Lost Gravity – Marco Bailey
6 A.M. – DJ HMC
Blue Bird (Reinier Zonneveld Filth on Acid Remix) – Circle of Life
Twin (Original Mix) – Spartaque
One Digit (Original Mix) – Binaryh
This Then That (Coyu Remix) – Joseph Capriati
Memories Of An Unconnected Era – Giorgio Gigli
Wisdom – Charlotte de Witte
SCTR – Regal (ES)

Another Twist (Original Mix) – Balthazar, Jackrock
This Is Cocaine (Regal Remix) – Emmanuel Top, Regal
Vilnius (Introversion Remix) – dotwav
Suzi in Transe (Original Mix) – Anna
Lack Of Faith – P.E.A.R.L.
Reign Of Terror – Dax J
Substare – Parallx
When I Rock (Thomas Schumacher Remix) – Thomas Schumacher
Repeat (Original Mix) – Regal (ES)
Acid Head – Thomas P. Heckmann
Requiem Souls – Dax J
Point of No Return – Boxia
Acid Train – Anetha
Klanglos – Escape From Paradise [Fear N Loathing’S Club Laser Remix]

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